This Couple Was Flying To NY And Apparently, Their Cat Decided To Go With Them

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Nick and Voirrey Coole – a couple from Isle Of Man, the United Kingdom – had scheduled their 40th birthday celebrations in New York. However, they received a surprise none of them were expecting. As Nick and Voirrey were heading for Big Apple, they were stopped by airport security for the most hilarious reason. Turns out, their cat Candy had climbed into their hand luggage only to be discovered by airport security.

A couple heading for New York were stopped by airport security as they found a cat in the luggage

Image credits: Nick Coole - Publicate Por Cuenta Propia!

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The married couple expected their bags to smoothly pass through scanners, however, staff noticed something unusual. Nick and Voirrey Coole couldn’t believe their eyes when their cat named Candy casually climbed out of their suitcase as they were taken into a side room and questioned by the airport staff about the discovery. Nick told the media: “Our hand luggage didn’t have much in so we could bring shopping home. But Candy, our cat, found a way in and off to the airport we all went. Airport security were all very puzzled and repeatedly asked if the bag was ours after it had been through the scanner.”

The pair appreciated the airport staff for being lighthearted about the hilarious incident

Image credits: Nick Coole

Nick took to Facebook and wrote: “You know that feeling when you get ushered into a side room at airport security because you’ve got a cat in your hand luggage? Candy decided to sneak into our hand bag, thanks Barry and Lorna for picking her up so we can head off on our holiday. Fair play to airport security for helping to get her home so we could catch our flight.”

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Luckily, Candy’s collection was arranged and Nick and Voirrey headed off to New York

Image credits: Nick Coole

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The couple had said that the staff at Isle of Man airport was ‘awesome’, as once they realized that it was a genuine mistake, they all had a good laugh about it. Candy was picked up by Nick and Voirrey’s friends and the couple was able to catch their flight to the US.

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