People are in love with this Demon Beto on Twitter


Comedian Alex Ptak brought his own spin on 2020 presidential candidateBeto O’Rourketo Twitter, Mashable reported on Friday. And it seems that take is an evil fiend, because Ptakcreated “Demon Beto,” and the internet can’t seem to get enough.

Any good politician knows what the people really want.

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    “Hungry Americans are looking for pious blood,” Demon Beto says in Ptak’s video.

    O’Rourke is a former member of Congress from El Paso, Texas. He’s also a lifelong Texan who fought a closeand expensivebattle against Sen. Ted Cruz(R-Texas) for his Senate seat.

    Demon Beto referenced his Texas roots, too.

    “Down in Texas when we say ‘way down south,’ we mean in hell,” according to Demon Beto.


    And it looks like Demon Beto might have higher favorability ratings than his more wholesome counterpartat least among comedy fans on Twitter.