Nicki Minaj Says Retirement Tweet Was ‘Abrupt & Insensitive’ As A Source Reveals Her Team Was ‘Blindsided’ By Announcement – Perez Hilton

Nicki Minaj‘s

According to sources who spoke with TMZ about matter, Nicki’s recent actions actually point to the exact opposite of retirement; the No Frauds singer has reportedly been busy in the studio working on new music as recently as the last few weeks! So if the retirement announcement seemed as sudden to y’all as it did to us… well, yeah, apparently it was equally as immediate for Nicki herself!

But there’s something more at play here, because as we’re learning on Friday morning, the Trinidad and Tobago native simply has put in too much work making new tunes in the last few months to give it all up and walk away now — no matter how bad

But it isn’t only future work that the 36-year-old is lining up, either. According to insiders, the rapper “has a lot of songs already in the can” along with all the studio time she has booked up until October… so it’s clear she’s been putting in a lot of work on new music! Retirement or not, wouldn’t she at least want to release all that stuff for her fans???

We know we’re really interested to see which artists she’s scheduled to work with, and who she may have already collaborated alongside. Give us the music, girl!!!!

“The Tweet Was Abrupt”

After thinking about it for the better part of the day on Thursday, Minaj tweeted again late in the evening, responding to a despondent fan who was sad about her apparent retirement from music.

As you can see (below), Nicki herself appears to have a clear head in more openly discussing how her initial tweet was “abrupt” and “insensitive” to the fans:

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