Lesbian Couple Discriminated Against Right Before Their WeddingAnd Its Still Legal in 2019

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OFALLON, MissouriMadisons Cafe is a family-style pub located in a modest strip mall in St. Charles County, a white flight suburb west of St. Louis. The first thing you see when you walk in is a grandfather clock with the words tempus fugit (time flies). On Tuesday, I went in and asked to be seated. Everyone working there and every single person in the restaurant apart from two Asian women diners appeared to be white.

A middle-aged white man took me to a table, brought me water and bread, and asked me if I wanted anything else to drink. I told him I had some questions before I would decide if I would order or not: questions about their recent refusal to honor the reservation of a couples wedding rehearsal dinner once they found out it was two women getting married.

I told him that Im gay, and askedsince their website now says they only serve people in accordance with Christian principlesif they would still serve me lunch?

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