How Boring And Stupid Is Internet Marketing? But How Fun Are People?

I realized after awhile of pursuing the dream of building a business online; that has the potential to make thousands upon thousands month after month for years and years. That Internet Marketing is really stupid and boring. But dealing with people is an absolute blast, fun interesting rewarding and highly profitable at the same time.

I discovered after dealing with many failures and disappointments that internet marketing is not the path for me. I have tried many different things that for the most part havent worked. Has this happened to you? Did you think that you were an anti social hermit who is afraid of human interaction? Thats why you wanted to work on the internet in the first place? Well I thought so too. But here is what I discovered. That internet marketing is the absolute dumbest and boring thing there is. All that internet marketing entails is sitting mostly alone and typing into a computer. It really is a mind numbing task. It really is boring and doesnt take much brains. It is actually easy. The thing it does take is allot of patience and the ability to sit and stare. I am saying this because I have done it. And it is all completely worth it.

While Internet marketing is stupid and boring it has also been the ride of my life. I have been in touch with many many people. Seen many people make extra income and several more make full time money in there spare time. Internet marketing has made life for the people that are willing to sit and stare and learn and be bored and feel stupid more interesting than they first thought. What internet marketing does after you put the work in at the beginning; is give you the ability to tell your story and help other people pursue there dream of working from home. Now that is fun, fun, fun. The rules of internet marketing are simple. First learn what you need to get traffic to your site. Then turn that traffic into a self funded proposal and an automated sales presentation for your business. Then turn that traffic into business leaders and customers for your primary business. Then have a system to teach others to do the same. Then the fun starts. Dealing with positive people who want learn and achieve and make money is really inspiring. Here is a site that will teach you the process of how to turn the boring and stupid part into just a short phase.


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