Halsey pays tribute to assaulted lesbian couple, rips straight pride parade during London concert


Halsey paid tribute, during her concert, to the two women who were reportedly attacked on a London bus.

The lesbian couple was attacked after refusing to kiss for a group of men. Halseywore a shirt that had the now-viral of the photo of the bloodied women on it.

She assured the crowd that her concert was a safe space, and then encouraged them to continue supporting the LGBTQ communityeven after Pride Month is over.

“The sad reality is after the Pride parades are over and after the bars close their Pride nights, when the glitter is being swept out of the streets, a lot of people get on those trains, get on those buses, and try to wash the rainbows off their bodies and peel the stickers off their clothes,” she said to the crowd in London.

More than 2.5 million people have watched the video, posted on Twitter, of her heartfelt speech.

She also addressed the proposed “straight pride” parade, which is supposed to be held in Boston.

The back of her shirt read, “Fuck your straight pride.”

So when the people around the world ask the question, why isnt there a straight pride parade? The answer is: because if there was one you wouldnt have to get on the bus and be terrified of getting fucking beaten and killed afterwards,” Halsey said.

People loved Halsey’s unabashed tribute and straight pride slam.