Florida Man Fatally Shoots Son-In-Law As He Jumps Out Of Bushes For A Birthday Surprise – Perez Hilton

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Florida’s still relatively lax gun laws have caused a tragedy to befall a family after a friendly birthday surprise turned fatal.

According to reports, Christopher Bergan (pictured above with his wife) flew from Norway to Gulf Breeze, Florida to surprise his father-in-law Richard Dennis for his 61st birthday. The 37-year-old startled his wife’s father by jumping out of some bushes in his backyard — but Dennis, thinking it was an intruder, shot and killed his son-in-law.

It all went down on Tuesday, when the Norway resident landed in the Sunshine State around 11 p.m. and headed straight to his father-in-law’s house.

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About two hours before Christopher, who had reportedly lived in Florida before returning to Norway, arrived at Dennis’ house, another relative had surprised the Florida man and banged on the front door, which startled him.

As Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson explained at a press

The state of Florida tightened up its gun laws in the wake of the Parkland Shooting in 2018, passing a bill banning long gun sales to 18-20 year olds, banning “bump stocks,” creating a three-day waiting period for nearly all firearm sales, and creating a means of seizing firearms via “Risk Protection Orders.”

But the state still has a high ranking on GunsandAmmo.com’s “Best Gun Friendly States” list in 2018, coming in at number 23 “thanks to one of the nation’s most successful shall-issue permit systems, a thriving competitive shooting culture, and an excellent Castle Doctrine statute” — which allows property owners to use deadly force to defend themselves against an intruder on their property.

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Yet another example of why it’s a mistake to sneak up on Florida gun owners. 

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