Danish Artist Illustrates Life With Her Boyfriend In 30 New Silly Comics

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Last year Bored Panda readers were introduced to an incredible comic artist, Julie, who is better known for her series name – In Your Face Cake Comics. Julie is a 27-year-old artist from Denmark, whose comic series illustrates the hilarious and quirky everyday life of the artist. In her case life inspires art when it comes to her comic ideas.

“Many of them are just from me being stupid or silly, she told Bored Panda. “I like making fun of myself and when you’re an idiot you’ll never run out of material.” She added, “My relationship is a big part of my ideas too,” which is a running theme throughout her work. You can see her Illustrate The Hilarious Side Of My Everyday Life With A Boyfriend in our previous post. Whether you’re an artist, in a relationship or have roommates, Julie’s comics are so hilariously relatable she now has 23.2k followers on Instagram.

Take a look at some of her newest comics below.


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When asked about her comic creation process, Julie said: “I do it all on my laptop. I draw in paint tool sai. Lots and lots of layers. 1 for the first overall sketch, then 1 for me, whoever else is in it, hands, background, straight lines, other small objects, etc. I like to have it all split up so it’s easy to work with. And save every 30 seconds.” 


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What’s the hardest part about drawing comics? “Backgrounds and lots of people. Takes forever to make. And hands…”



The artist opened up about how the feature in Bored Panda changed things up for her: “It was bananas. It got a lot of new people to follow my pages so that was cool! It got shared by George Takei on his facebook page and that was out of this world (Hehe) Also, sometime later after my facebook page grew a bit someone from the Nemi magazine from Norway asked if I wanted to get featured. That was surreal since I’ve been a fan of her for a long time.”





















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