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Brody Jenner is at a point in his life where he’s not afraid to be brutally honest…

The former wild child of the famous Jenner clan appeared on The Hills: New Beginnings on Monday night, and during the episode Brody got more real than ever about what his relationship is like right now with Caitlyn Jenner.

Brandon Lee — the famous and often-troubled son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee — invited other famous friends over for dinner, including Brody, Shaquille O’Neal‘s son Myles, and Chase McQueen, grandson of the late Steve McQueen.

It was a who’s who of celebuspawn.

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In the middle of the dinner, the subject of Brody’s relationship with Caitlyn came up, and the Jenner son revealed a bit about it (below):

“I didn’t really grow up with my dad. When I was really little we got to spend a little time. When he started, obviously, the family with the Kardashian family, I didn’t really see much of him.”

So sad! Obviously, we’re well aware of the KarJenner rift once Caitlyn (at that point, Bruce) married Kris Jenner and started a whole new family.

It’s heartbreaking to think of Brody and his siblings left behind.

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The reality TV star exposed more about that time period — and what things are like today — in a confessional interview later in the episode, too (below):

“Bruce was just never really around — every so often maybe once every couple years. Wasn’t around for my graduation, wasn’t around for most of my birthdays so, yeah, it really wasn’t any relationship. It was very surface.

Eventually, we started to become closer but then all of a sudden, it’s like, I was just getting to know Bruce and then Bruce became Caitlyn.”

That’s when he explained:

“She’s totally different. It’s awesome, it’s great. She’s happy, she’s running around. She’s off living her life, so what I’ve learned is to just not expect too much from her.”

Brody wasn’t the only one to open up about his famous parents and bizarre childhood lifestyle, either; Brandon got real about growing up the son of a rock star and a TV legend, too, revealing (below):

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“You’ve gotta move past the expectations, like, if you always hold yourself to the expectations that you’re gonna be your parents, you’ll crash and burn. I crashed and burned. It’s like, Am I gonna keep going out every night? Am I gonna keep waking up every morning and just f**king drinking all day? It got real bad, real quick. There’s a fine line with drugs and alcohol. You can enjoy it or it’s gonna kill you.”

Such a wild life!

What about y’all, Perezcious readers?!

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