An intense conversation about service animals is unfurling online


Is using a service animal considered animal abuse?

If you ask some of the vocal vegans on Twitter, the answer would be yes. According to an ongoing conversation online, some vegans believe that using a service animal for medical purposes falls under the umbrella of animal abuse.

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    A post to Instagram appears to have begun this intense discussion, which has spread to several social media sites. It all began when Instagram page Anonymous for the Voiceless published a post explaining its opinions on service animals. The default position of veganism is to reject the use of non-human animals, it read. This includes ALL uses, including service animals. Service dogs and the like are still a WANT and not a need. And regardless of treatment, the use of any animal for service promotes the idea that animals are here to work for humans rather than to exist in their own right as individuals.

    The post, which has been liked by almost 8,000 users, disavows any kind of service animaleven those not purchased by a breeder. It even goes after domestication, because it does not involve consent by all those involved. The inequality within the power dynamics in a pet/owner relationship, the post says, is a problem.

    While there were those in the comments for the post that agreed with its proclamation, most people felt the original poster went too far. Once the conversation spread to Twitter, however, things really started to heat up.

    People shared their own explanations for why they believe those with disabilities should find an alternative to service animals. While many shared the view that service animals shouldnt be used, no alternatives were offered for people with disabilities. Some of those who agreed with the animal abuse claim even compared use to service animals to slavery. Animals are amazing but they are not here for our use, regardless of our personal circumstances, one user said. Would this have been a good enough reason to keep hold of some slaves back in the day??

    Despite the surprising number of people reinforcing the animal abuse idea, the majority of users disagreed. People with disabilities, in particular, shot down the idea that they were abusing their pets by needing and utilizing their assistance. Maybe you should talk to, idk, actual service dog handlers, one user said.