An Avalanche of Family Jealousies, High in the Sky

Three Peaks is a thriller of a decidedly unconventional sort. There are no bad guys. Theres no nefarious crime plot, or case of mistaken identity. There are no car chases or fistfights or guns. Theres only one instance of deliberate physical violence, and that ends almost as soon as it begins. And theres no soundtrack music, or pulse-pounding momentum, or fancy camera tricks propelling things forward toward a nail-biting finale.

Nonetheless, Jan Zabeils German-Italian film, debuting in theaters this Friday, June 28, is a work of gradually escalating suspense, born not from exterior threats or supernatural fiends but, instead, from the fraught dynamics of a trio of characters, whose vacation in the Italian Dolomites grows ever more uncomfortable. By its conclusion, at least one member of its central trio will go missing, instigating a frantic search and requiring someone to risk life and limb in a rescue attempt. Those developments, however, are the culmination of a taut portrait of one makeshift clans uneasy emotional circumstances, and the potentially perilous danger that comes from failing to reconcile them.

Bookended by scenes set in waterZabeils camera bobbing up and down on the surface, and occasionally diving below to spy attempts at strained communicationThree Peaks concerns Lea (The Artist and The Pasts Brnice Bejo), her adolescent son Tristan (Arian Montgomery) and her bearded boyfriend Aaron (Inglourious Basterds and Homelands Alexander Fehling), who together head off to the mountainous middle of nowhere to stay in a cabin and hike the surrounding rocky, snowy area. While its not immediately revealed, Lea and Aaron have been together for two years, but hes not Tristans father. The reason for Leas divorce remains murky to us and to Tristan, who eventually turns to his mother for details about her split from his father that shes unwilling to divulge. Such caginess is ostensibly driven by Leas belief that the kid isnt old enough to hear such adult truths, although her refusal to address the subject in a straightforward, honest manner nonetheless comes across as oddand, to some extent, wrong-headed.

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Tristan is thus in a strange spot with Aaron, who despite having been with Lea for a considerable amount of time, is still struggling to fully connect with the boy. Theirs is a bipolar relationshipone second, theyre playing in the pool happily, with Aaron teaching Tristan to swim, and the next, theyre estranged by anger at resentment over the fact that each views the other as an intruding nuisance. Aaron confesses to Lea that he loves Tristan like a son, but its also apparent that, for example, the boys constant habit of sneaking into their bed at nightthwarting any chance at sex, or even intimacymakes him pine for the kid to take a hike. Similarly, Tristan flip-flops wildly between embracing Aaron as a parental figure, to the point of even cautiously calling him daddy in one instance (as if giving the term a test-run), and fleeing Aaron to snuggle at the bosom of his mom.

That Tristans dad keeps phoning him on a cell that Lea didnt even know existed only exacerbates the fractured mood. More problematic than those constant interruptions, though, is Lea herself, who obviously wants the threesome to function as a happy, healthy unit, and yet who compounds things by telling Aaron that he shouldnt try to be a father figure to the boyI think you should be careful. I dont want him to be confused between you and his dadand whose babying treatment of Tristan often leaves Aaron on the outside looking in. Three Peaks suggests that Leas protectiveness is her means of counteracting her guilt over having left Tristans father for Aaron. However, that doesnt make it any less ill-advised, as illustrated by the rising tensions between the two men in her life.

Zabeils script lays out the inner workings of his protagonists relationships at a leisurely pace, and at times, his patient approach threatens to drag things to a standstill. Fortunately, his script has a way of interjecting telling comments into virtually every exchange (in German, English and French), thereby turning seemingly innocuous incidents into honking red flags about impending trouble. By doing away with any trace of music, the writer/director further creates a sense of escalating pressurethe silence in this region, marked by scraggly hills and snow-covered peaks that are often visually obliterated by whipping clouds of mist, is borderline deafening.

Just as restrained as his soundtrack is Zabeils camerawork, which likes to crowd in close to his actors faces so that every reactionto a minor rejection, or a major act of kindnessis writ large. By maintaining such proximity, his cutaways to distant panoramas attain additional power; the juxtaposition between near and far reflects his characters push-pull feelings toward each other. So too do frequent shots that separate Tristan, Aaron and Lea in the frame, stranding them on opposite sides of a figurative chasm they dont know how to cross. - The Affiliate Managers Course

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Three Peaks is like a powder keg primed to explode, and once Tristan begins subtly acting out against Aaron behind Leas backfirst with a mousetrap, then with a handsawa detonation comes to feel inevitable. A more clichd effort would have succumbed to third-act fireworks as a reward for enduring such a slow-burn build-up. But Zabeil rejects predictable paths.

As befitting a work that features only three actors, Three Peaks rests, to a large extent, on the sturdy shoulders of Bejo, Fehling and Montgomery, whose performances are marked by a subdued expressiveness that highlights how each one of their characters is wrestling with inner questions for which theyve yet to find suitable answers. Zabeils film is likewise cagey when it comes to neat-and-tidy revelations and resolutions, situating itself in a quietly volatile space where emotions are as unsteady as the terrain itselfand liable to give way at a moments notice.

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